Our Team

Emanuele B. Intorrella (Manny)
Co-Founder | Business Development – Product Development


Mr. Intorrella, Co-Founder of SurveyorHub.com has extensive experience in internet marketing, sales, and business development solutions.  An entrepreneur at heart,  he has more than 13 years of experience with various forms of SEM including SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation and more. Emanuele has additional background in financial and legal marketing as well as affiliate management and deal structuring.

Michael Porcaro
Co-Founder | Developer – Product Development

michael-porcaroMr. Porcaro, Co-Founder of SurveyorHub.com is the designer and developer of SurveyorHub.com, and is responsible for the creation of the SurveyorHub.com directory.  He has deep interest in technology, however he also has an interest in business.  Both his knowledge of technology and PPC/SEO helped him create one of the fastest, user friendly and SEO optimized directories out on the web today.

Sales Team
Sales and Customer Service

salesOur Sales Team is available to discuss our products and services. Surveyorhub.com offers website listings, seo, local seo, web design, social media, and other related products and services. Please contact us if you would like to learn more. Bulk Discounts may be available for large orders.